The 5 Key Principles of Modern Kitchen Designs.

In today’s age and time, people are always looking for the next step when it comes to modern kitchen designs. Styles, practical designs, shapes and colours are constantly changing and while it is important to keep up to date with the latest styles, it is important to always follow and keep in line with the five key principles of kitchen designs of the modern persuasion.

  1. Ergonomics might not seem like a something that you should consider in the kitchen, but trust us, it is. Make it easy to unload your groceries and store them in the pantries, fridge and freezer. You don’t want the struggle of finding room to place your bags or carrying them too far. Keep it simple with the ergonomics of your home.

  2. Consider the addition of the fridge and other appliances during the design planning. You need to consider the extra room they will take up, how their doors open (in regards to fridges and microwaves) and how you access them easily. Misreading these connections can hurt you when it comes to the space you have inside your kitchen.

  3. Link up the sink, the trash and the dishwasher in one fluent motion. Why’s that? These three machines in your kitchen work in tandem. You remove the waste into your trash bin, and you either clean it in your sink or dishwasher. When designing your modern kitchen, look to make these three objects work as one, to make it easier for you.

  4. For those of you who don’t know, in kitchen design terms, the “Work Triangle” is the space in between the sink, the fridge and the stove. It is imperative that you allow plenty of space between these three points so that you and an addition person can comfortably work in it. You need space to cook and you don’t want people to be bumping into each other with hot plates in their hands.

  5. Leave space for simply entries. And we mean this in the sense that entering and exiting your modern kitchen design shouldn’t be constricted to a single door or space. You want a fluent flow so that visitors can enter your kitchen with ease, as well as you exiting it without hassles.