Four Key ideas that can transform your kitchen renovations project on a budget.

We here at Budget Style Kitchens know that not every homeowner has unlimited funds to spend on a complete kitchen renovation. While we can help by providing top quality products and services for affordable and fair prices, we can offer a little extra help when it comes to maximising the quality of your kitchen when you’re a on budget. Below are four key ideas that can transform your kitchen renovations project into something spectacular.

Light It Up!
Lights can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. The texture of your light, the strength and the way it illuminates can make the difference. Too many people assume that by merely clicking the lights that it is enough for your kitchen. Think outside the box and get creative with your kitchen lights.

Make little changes.
Changing your tapware, the colour of your towels, the stove, the cabinet handles, even the sink; making small minor changes might seem pointless at the start. But when you stand back and look at it together, with all the combinations clicking, it will actually make a difference. Don’t discount the importance of making little changes to the overall structure and design of your kitchen. It will help transform your kitchen.

Where’s the paint at?
Ah paint. People think that by whacking on a colour, that it is enough. But if you think outside the box, think of the paint and how it affects your cabinets, your sink, your stove and everything in total, you will notice it’s importance. You see, paint is the manipulator. The right colour and amount of paint, combined with some minor kitchen renovations, can transform your kitchen into something special.

Kitchen Renovations…but not the complete package.
Sometimes there is no need to completely transform your whole kitchen. Sometimes changing the cabinets is all that is needed. Sometimes new countertops are enough. Making minor renovations instead of complete changes can make a huge impact. Talk to our team at Budget Style Kitchens today for some help when it comes to transforming your kitchen on a budget.

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