Refrigerators are one of the essential appliances to have in a home. Why? Because it provides us with one of our most basic human needs: food. And we all know the importance of food for us, so, therefore, it is vital that you have a refrigerator that secures the life of our food. You need quality and assurances. You need something that will last for years. Nowadays, there are so many new styles, designs and brands that it can seem a little daunting when trying to make the right choice. So how do you get around choosing the best refrigerator for your home? 

You want to make sure you choose a reliable company; a company that has merit and knows what they doing. You want to choose a company that will make you confident in the purchase you are making with them. With today’s choices of brand names, it can be a little tricky trying to figure out which company to choose from, especially one that works well with your lifestyle. At the same time, you want your fridge to work perfectly alongside your custom-made kitchen. So to make things simple, here are three of most trusted refrigerator brands in the world that can work for you!


Whirlpool is best known for their household appliances. They have been around for a long time now and have become one of the world’s most trusted brands. They offer style, tradition and quality. They have the longest standing expertise involving refrigerators. It has been seen in homes for the last several years and with that, you know that the quality is worth the product. When it comes to getting a brand that delivers on quality and assurances, you cannot go past the likes of Whirpool. 


LG is jammed packed full of style, innovation and class. They offer sophistication along with a brand name you can trust. LG is also expanding in the art of design, that means you can choose from a range of fridges in almost any colour or style at an affordable cost. They are the one brand that is constantly pushing the envelope of what a refrigerator can have, including connecting it to your phone. You are looking at a fully-fledged system when it comes to getting an LG refrigerator. They can be easily repaired too if the occasion arises (which given the quality, will be rarely). LG is a brand worth having. 


Mostly known for their innovative smart phones or TVs, they are now leading in refrigerators. Newer models now offer a screen on the front of the door that offers many amenities as that of a smartphone. This includes displaying time and the temperature outside, a Bluetooth system that can control music and much more. You can also choose a screen that shows you exactly what is in your fridge, without even having to open it. They offer a different look, but also a different way to look at refrigerators. It doesn’t just have to hold food; it can offer so much more in a kitchen in terms of technology and quality. Samsung offers fridges that can keep up with your technology driven lifestyle.

If you need help when it comes to finding the perfect fridge to match with your kitchen, speak to the experts here at Budget Style Kitchens. We’ll give you the advice that makes the difference! 

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